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Covid-19: beware of this anti-vaccine site which masquerades as Vite Ma Dose [Fact-checking] – Coronavirus: beware of intoxication

Founded at the beginning of April by the engineer Guillaume Rozier and maintained since thanks to a hundred volunteers, the official site “Vite Ma Dose” ( allows you to view at a glance the slots available for vaccination on the different appointment platforms (Doctolib, Keldoc, Maiia, etc.). Its application on smartphones is among the most downloaded in France.

But on the Web, another almost similar address (“vitemadose” followed by “.fr”), refers to a page that does not offer any vaccination appointment. Conversely, it expresses reservations about the current vaccination campaign, by posting, for several days this week, an “antivax” video of biologist Christian Vélot. He mentions the “potential risks of the new generation of vaccines” and presents himself as “vaccine-prudent”.

A site that can turn into a scam

This address was reserved from April 3, 2021 to the nose and beard of Guillaume Rozier, who had left it vacant. Mr. Rozier denounces a “usurpation” and prepares “all possible procedures” to recover it. ” All I care about is people finding the right site. But I don’t know how it can evolve. “He fears that the owner of this eponymous address” could make people pay, scam them for example “, supposes the computer engineer.

If the registration of a domain name (web address) costs only 4.80 EUR, a site can be sold very expensive. Mr. Rozier claims to have seen advertisements in April attempting to resell the offending address for “6,000 euros”. He tried, but in vain, to buy it back at cost price from whoever had originally registered it.

Frequent on the web, disputes for address misappropriation affect more than a hundred companies each year in France. Be careful, then.

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