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Couple opens overweight luggage at airport, finds chihuahua inside


Sorry Icky, no trip to Vegas for you.

A couple from Texas were asked to rearrange their luggage at Lubbock Airport last month as it exceeded the weight limit. But when they opened the suitcase, the couple discovered their little pet chihuahua, Icky, nestled inside.

“They put him on the scale and this bag is basically five, five and a half pounds overweight. Really quickly we’re like, oh, we have to rearrange some things. Open it up and literally, there’s our dog coming out of my boot, out of my boot with his head in the air, ”Jared Owens, who was on his way to Las Vegas with his wife Kristi on the 26th, told KCBD. September. “[Icky’s] the burrower, that’s what she does. She sinks into the clothes, she sinks, obviously in the suitcases now.

The photos showed Icky looking from inside a cowboy boot inside the suitcase.

Owens thanked Cathy Cook, the Southwest Airlines employee who made the discovery. Cook even offered to watch the puppy, he said.

Fortunately, the couple had family nearby who were able to bring Icky home, NBCDFW reported.

Owens said they were grateful they found Icky before the flight and vowed to recheck their luggage for the little digger before their next trip.



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