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Coronavirus: Baptiste Bosser, innovation golden ball – Economy

No downtime for Baptiste Bosser. “I spend my life on planes”. This original Pont-L’abbiste, son of professional footballer Jean-Pierre Bosser and who himself kicked the ball for a time, now runs right to left. With a motto: go forward. Head of several companies, Baptiste Bosser who says he is “deeply in innovation”, is at the origin of a product that could relieve everyday life in these times of pandemic: an antimicrobial film. “It helps reduce the risk of coronavirus contamination,” says the 37-year-old entrepreneur.

“Since 2014, I have been installing it in hospitals, it is first and foremost a bactericide. I put it on all contact areas such as door handles or handrails, it reduces the risk of nosocomial diseases ”. But now, March 2020 arrives, confinement falls, the coronavirus pandemic is indeed there, “and very quickly, I understood that I had to open this product to the general public”. After several tests, it is proven, the antimicrobial film Clean Zone Protect is effective against Sars-Cov2. Since ? “We are overwhelmed by orders”, confides the Bigouden, very imbued with the start-up spirit, and who likes “everything that is dynamic”.

A turnover of one million euros

Composed of silver ions, the film would be, according to the advertising brochure of the company Clean Zone Protect, “ecological, non-irritating and harmless to the skin”. “It complies with the ISO 22 196 standard,” explains Baptiste Bosser. In short, everything is there to make it work and the Bigouden is delighted: “In one year, we went from 12 to 50 employees, we opened nine franchises abroad and the turnover reached one million. euros ”.

In mid-April, the Pont-l’Abbé vaccination center was provided with these famous films, at a cost of around € 2,500. A first in this department. The city’s schools and an EHPAD will also be endowed with it. The entrepreneur is already working with several major distribution brands “to cover shopping carts for example”.

It first produces luminescent films

Based in Lyon for ten years, Baptiste Bosser does not only have Clean Zone Protect in his life. From the City of Lights, it also produces light. He has been running Was Light since 2014. “We make bright leaves, we compete with neon and LED, we go where LED cannot go.” A light presented in the form of a film less than one mm thick and which connects to the mains or connects to a small lithium battery of 12 volts. “The film contains phosphorus which reacts to electricity and produces light. Unlike LEDs, it does not produce a halo of light, ”emphasizes Baptiste Bosser. IPad in hand, the now Lyonnais is proud to present his work. “There, we put a film on Mr. Macron’s presidential bus. Here, the logo of Olympique Lyonnais on the team bus, we also made that of PSG (former club of his father from 1989 to 1991). Finally, here it is, it’s brilliant ”. The gendarmes’ jackets also had the right to their luminescent film instead of reflective bands for “a little less than € 300 per item of clothing”.

“The antimicrobial film reduces the risk of coronavirus contamination,” says the 37-year-old entrepreneur.

He has his own factory

The Was Light entrepreneur owns his factory and machinery, which has enabled him to develop other products, and so he was able to start antimicrobial films. With Clean Zone Protect, “the bulk of the work is not production, we have a very strong production capacity. What takes time are the technical studies in the buildings and the installation. We do not do DIY, we train installers, ”says the Bigouden who does not intend to stop there and connects meetings, quotes and contracts.

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