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‘Cops’ returns to television on streaming service owned by Fox News

In the wake of George Floyd’s murder, Paramount canceled “Cops,” the long-running reality series that some critics have accused of glorifying police violence. But the show now has a second life on Fox Nation, a subscription streaming app operated by Fox News Media.

Fox Nation has ordered new episodes for the show’s 33rd season, giving viewers an aerial perspective as law enforcement officers patrol, answer calls and make arrests. The streaming service also picked up 15 episodes from the 32nd season.

In a statement, Fox Nation President Jason Klarman hailed the return of “one of television’s most iconic brands with an incredibly passionate fan base.” He said the company “would show our appreciation to all first responders” by offering them a free one-year subscription starting Monday.

“Cops” premiered on the Fox Network in 1989 and quickly became a staple of television programming, both captivating and repelling audiences with its raw take on everyday law enforcement activity.

The series was also a cultural lightning rod, and some critics – including civil rights group Color of Change – accused the producers of dehumanizing people of color and distorting public attitudes toward the criminal justice system. .

Fox canceled “Cops” in 2013 after 25 seasons. The series then moved on to Spike TV, a predecessor of the Paramount Network.

But amid nationwide protests against systemic racism last summer, Paramount pulled the show off its lineup, saying in a statement it had no “current or future plans” to bring it back.

Cable channel A&E, for its part, deleted “Live PD” – a similar series on law enforcement – “out of respect for the families of George Floyd and others who lost their lives.”

In its statement, Fox Nation said it will donate $ 5 to a nonprofit called Answer the Call for every new subscriber who signs up between Monday and September 20. Answer the Call provides financial support to the families of New York City first responders killed in the line of duty.