Cops in Tire Nichols case failed to defend his ‘God-given rights’ – ‘These guys are just bad guys’

On Saturday’s Fox News Channel “Fox & Friends” show, FNC host and former police officer Dan Bongino said Tire Nichols’ death wasn’t a training issue, it’s “a staffing issue. These guys are just bad guys. And the officers failed in their duty to uphold everyone’s rights and argued that ‘the process worked’ as the officers were fired immediately and will be charged.

Bongino said: “I waited to comment because I’m trying to find a legitimate and rational reason why the situation was handled the way it was. There’s been a lot of comments about this about training and stuff and I don’t understand where it’s coming from. Do you think anyone has been trained to do this? It’s not about training, guys. … Nobody is trained to do that. It’s not a matter of training. It’s a question of personnel. These guys are just bad guys. Who do this ? Listen guys there’s no attempt in this situation – and again I’ve been there, I’ve done this, I’ve watched this video now probably ten times – there’s no attempt at all, at any point in this de-escalation scenario, none, zero.

He added: “Listen, as conservatives and libertarians and as any sane and rational lover of this country, it is our duty, no matter who we are watching in this video, a cop, a civilian or anybody else, to stand up for everybody else’s God – given rights are God given rights…I’m not really sure those cops got that with this guy. And “A few other things here , and this is important, all the other cops I know are good, decent people, you know that and never forget that, we’re not vigilantes, he’s not some fucking “Judge Dredd” “, okay. We get paid to do a job. We’re that thin crust on a volcano, as the old saying goes, and we keep civilization — and our international military — intact, okay? When those handcuffs are up or this topic stops resisting, this fight, damn it, it’s over, man. This fight is over. C This is no longer your fight. This is no longer your fight. That’s for the judge and the court system and a jury or if he decides to plead and get a lawyer then, that’s the purpose of a legal system. We are not animals. We are not savages. We don’t beat people’s lives to make a point. This is not a fight in a bar. We are not bouncers. We are professionals.

Bongino added: “One more point here: the process worked. The process worked, guys. You had those officers fired immediately. And the legal system – that they disrespected by beating this guy to death – the legal system that they disrespected is now, ironically, going to deal with them, these five men that you see on the screen. Like everyone else, however, they are entitled to the presumption of innocence. They will also have their say in court. However, now they will be put to a jury of their peers, again, the exact same system they disrespected by enacting the death penalty themselves in this case.

Later, Bongino argued that the unit the officers were part of should not be disbanded and that would likely lead to more crimes.

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