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Cooking With Paris Preview: Kim Kardashian Faces A Kitchen Mess

We promise you’ve never seen Paris Hilton and Kim kardashian like that.

In this exclusive clip from Netflix’s new series, Cooking with Paris, the entrepreneurial heiress undertakes a marshmallow project with her former assistant turned billionaire. While we can’t say we’re used to seeing Paris and Kim wreaking havoc in the kitchen, they’re still on the mark thanks to their glamor and fabulous outfits.

Sliving plastic gloves, “notes the new cook.” So we don’t stain our fingers. “

Asking what we’re all thinking, Kim asks, “Are you doing it over your lace gloves?”

His answer ? “These are my, like, sliving oven mitts. “

After breaking down her cooking style, Paris and Kim grab cookie cutters in an attempt to create shapes from the vibrant blue mud. Hilariously, the project doesn’t go as planned, with Kim adding, “It’s gonna be a disaster.”

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