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Constant Omari, interim president of CAF: “So far, CHAN is going very well”

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The interim president of the African Football Confederation (CAF), Constant Omari, spoke with France 24 from Douala, Cameroon, where the CHAN-2020 * is taking place. Asked about the relevance of organizing the competition in the context of an epidemic resumption of Covid-19 in Africa and of increasing the number of spectators, the Congolese replied that “the CHAN should be organized”.

“For the moment, we have not observed a massive spread because of the competition. Thank God! So far everything is going very well,” said Constant Omari, who rules out any financial imperative to accommodate spectators in the stadiums. “Entrance fees do not have a major influence on revenue. Rather, they come from commercial rights and retransmission rights.”

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In addition, he deplored the recent rejection by FIFA of his candidacy for the CAF elections of March 12, 2021, where he was aiming for a seat on the Fifa Council. Being the subject of a formal investigation underway by the Fifa Ethics Commission, the interim boss of African football said he was the victim of an attack on “the presumption of innocence”, condemning a “vice of form “, and ensuring that he” intended to react “.

* The African Football Confederation has decided that the competition will continue to be called TOTAL African Nations Championship Cameroon 2020, despite the tournament being postponed to 2021 due to Covid-19.


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