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Conroe cat found shot dead with dart in head, family say

CONROE, Texas (KTRK) – A family said they came home to find someone fired a dart into their cat’s skull, hitting him right in the eye earlier this week.

Juan Abugaber and his family first noticed something strange on their home surveillance video. After reviewing the footage, they said they discovered a projectile hanging from Chester’s head.

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“When we saw it on camera, something orange was hanging in his head,” Abugaber said. They immediately took the cat to a vet. While the situation seemed dire, surprisingly, the dart was missing Chester’s brain and vital nerves.

“Luckily he’s fine. I just took him to the vet right now in Conroe for a check-up, and they said he’s fine. He’s in great shape,” Abugaber said. “I hope there is some evidence here.”

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Conroe Police are aware of what happened and have said they are collecting evidence, but at this time nothing is known about the suspects. Whoever did, Abugaber believes Chester has been targeted.

“Some people say it might have been an accident, but it was a clear shot in the head. Like, a really accurate shot,” he said.

Abugaber and his family keep their rescue cats inside until this person is caught, fearing things will be much worse next time.

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