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Congresswoman questions US democracy — RT World News

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez slammed America’s ‘oligarchy’ just in time for her re-election campaign

US Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-New York) denounced the US political system as a “oligarchyon Friday, picking up on the long-dormant class warfare rhetoric that first drew so many young voters to his campaign in 2018.

When you consider the fact that our elections are bought, that corporations and […] powerful corporate lobbies have more say in our legislation than ordinary people, we live in an oligarchy that has its democratic moments“, she said in a video posted on Facebook.

The so-called democratic socialist rose up against a “presidency that is not determined by popular voteand a Senate wheretens of millions of additional people can vote for a candidate, a party and remain in the minority“, as well as a House of Representatives that “gets gerrymanded to hell once every 10 years to ensure oversized minority rule.”

It is becoming more and more difficult for people to defend the position that we live in a democracy, in a real“, she lamented.

The US government is formally a republic, not a democracy, and the presidency has never been determined by popular vote. Ocasio-Cortez’s complaints about Senate representation are also baked into the country’s system of government — each state is represented by two senators, regardless of population size.

Earlier in the same video, Ocasio-Cortez called Congress “corrupt institution” and remarked that it was “really wild” and “hard” at “try to be a normal person surrounded by so much decadence and moral emptiness that frankly transcends partying.

While the video began as an indictment of congressional inaction on gun violence, it quickly widened to a complaint about how despite there being “so many different areas and issues that we all agree on […] Congress still can’t pull itself together!

Both houses of Congress are controlled by the Democratic Party and President Joe Biden is a Democrat. However, this still does not appear to be enough to push through the legislative agenda backed by the party’s own voters.

The president has demanded tougher gun control laws, as have many Democratic politicians, to no avail. Many in their party attribute the standoff to Republican dedication to the National Rifle Association.

Ocasio-Cortez tried to separate himself from the legislative masses, however, complaining that as long as Democrats think “there is a certain level of horror that will convince republicans to change their mindsthe mass shootings will continue to happen.

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I don’t wanna be one of those ding-dongs that just tell you to vote up“, she said, saying that”people are treating Congress like it’s some kind of incumbent protection racket. These seats do not belong to us.”

Ocasio-Cortez is re-elected in November. Since taking office in January 2019, she has largely toed the party line, voting for bloated military budgets and backing party leadership that opposes many of the policies she supports, such as Medicare for All and l cancellation of student loans.


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