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Republican MP Adam Kinzinger on CNN Monday


Adam Kinzinger, the Republican congressman whose family said he supported the “devil’s army” for opposing Donald Trump in a letter last month, said the former president was responsible for this division.

“I’m glad the letter got out,” Kinzinger told CNN. Cuomo Prime Time Monday, “because I think people need to see – if you haven’t experienced this division in your family, that’s the best example.”

Mr Kinzinger was among 11 Republicans who voted to oust the former president on Jan.13 for inciting an uprising on Capitol Hill on Jan.6.

In a letter sent days after the vote, 11 members of the Kinzinger family wrote that he was “a disappointment” and had “embarrassed the Kinzinger last name” for voting to impeach Mr. Trump.

Mr. Kinzinger’s family told him his actions went against “Christian principles” and Mr. Trump because he had supported the Democrats – or “the devil’s army” – by holding the former president responsible for the attack on the Capitol.

After the letter was published by the New York Times Last week, Mr Kinzinger said conservative churches were “brainwashing” his relatives and others with pro-Trump messages.

“I have nothing against them, but I have no desire or feel the need to reach out and fix this,” Kinzinger told the newspaper last week. “They have 100% responsibility to reach out and fix, and honestly, I don’t care if they do or not.”

The Illinois Republican added on Monday that the Republican Party’s relationship with Mr. Trump was similar to the split with his family, and that Republicans risked becoming “a minority forever” if its members do not leave Mr. Trump and his rhetoric and find competing voices. .

“If you think the long-term Donald Trump thing will be the winning coalition and not someone like me who’s conservative but doesn’t offend people, and doesn’t go out and attack by saying you owe it all, and don’t incite insurgencies – then we’ll be a minority party forever, ”Kinzinger told CNN.

“Donald Trump has had, you know, an unmatched megaphone for four or five years and now we have to have competing voices. I wish it was more than me, but I’m going to continue to be as loud as possible.”

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