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Congressman Paul Gosar’s brother explains his call for his brother’s impeachment: “What am I supposed to do as an American?

Representative Paul Gosar faces criticism from unlikely sources – several members of his own family.

Two of the congressman’s siblings, Dave Gosar and his sister Jennifer, called for their brother to be removed from his post in an op-ed on NBC News over the weekend.

The Arizona Republican was first elected in 2010. Dave Gosar told CBSN’s Elaine Quijano in an interview Wednesday night that he had started noticing “unbalanced behavior” from his brother at the end of former President Obama’s second term.

In 2018, the congressman’s siblings began to speak out against him. Dave Gosar says their decision was fueled by their brother’s anti-Semitic rhetoric. This year, six of Paul Gosar’s ten siblings campaigned against their brother when he was a candidate for re-election.

Speaking in a video campaign for Gosar’s Democratic opponent David Brill, Dave Gosar said the siblings must “defend our reputation.”

Since then, Dave Gosar has criticized the way his brother treated the Coronavirus pandemic. In the NBC article, he said he was disturbed when Paul Gosar called the initial response to COVID-19 “over the top.”

Dave Gosar also believes his brother, a staunch supporter of former President Trump, played a role in the January 6 attack on the United States Capitol.

“It’s just madness, it’s not politics,” Dave Gosar told CBSN.

Earlier this year, a Democratic MP published a nearly 2,000 page report examining lawmakers’ social media and disinformation about the 2020 election who revealed that Paul Gosar’s social media posts “include false allegations that his own state ‘stole’ the elections and support for protests against local election officials. . ‘”

Paul Gosar’s office has not commented on the report.

In Dave Gosar’s view, many Republicans believe that if they don’t follow Mr. Trump, they will alienate his core supporters.

“It’s a cult,” Dave Gosar said of the Republican Party.

Paul Gosar’s rhetoric and politics have left the Gosar family deeply divided, his brother said. Of the 10 siblings, he said six spoke out against their lawmaker brother. Dave Gosar said three of his brothers, as well as their parents, who are Trump supporters, have remained silent.

“It wasn’t fun,” said Dave Gosar. “None of us like to do that. Every time we do one of these interviews, it feels like we’re doing the right thing, but it always leaves a bad taste in our mouths.”

Dave Gosar said he had not spoken to his brother for five years. But, he and his five siblings chose to publicly reprimand their brother because they have a “duty to speak out” And, he said, he hoped that “by speaking out, other people in the same situation would also be emboldened to speak out. “.

“What am I supposed to do as an American?” Dave Gosar asked. “I would encourage more people to speak up.”


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