Congress summoned Alberto Otárola, Jorge Chávez, Óscar Vera and other members of the Ministerial Cabinet

Alberto Otárola, Jorge Chávez, Óscar Vera in an official appointment. Photo: Presidency / Flickr

The president of the Council of Ministers, Alberto Otárola, and seven members of the cabinet have been summoned to different parliamentary commissions to “respond to current issues and support the budget statement for their respective sectors,” Congress reported this Tuesday through its official channels.

The premier’s appointment is scheduled at the Energy and Mines Commission, where he will speak about the national energy policy regarding hydrocarbons. For his part, the Minister of Energy and Mines, Oscar Vera —who faces a motion of censure promoted by the Legislature— will report on the technical and economic feasibility for Petroperú to operate oil blocks I, VI and Z-69.

The head of Economy and Finance, Alex Contreraswill declare, in turn, about the possible approval of funds in favor of the state company, which at the beginning of this month requested financial support to mitigate the risks of an eventual fuel shortage for a total value of 5,570 million soles. .

The president of the board of directors, Pedro Chirawill also support this financial request and the allocation and exploitation of the lots, despite the fact that Otárola has already announced that the Government will not deliver the funds “because the State’s decision is to direct these funds to the attention of El Niño Global.”

Alberto Otárola in an official activity.  Photo: Presidency / Flickr
Alberto Otárola in an official activity. Photo: Presidency / Flickr

The prime minister said in Fourth power that “there is no fiscal fund to give that amount” to the oil company and that that position had already been transferred to Petroperú, a firm that was “forced” to make the request due to “extraordinary and irreversible” factors that affected the start-up. of the new Talara refinery, such as social conflict and the impact of Cyclone Yaku.

In the Budget Committee, the ministers Miriam Ponce (Education and Raul Perez-Reyes (Transportation and Communications) and Eduardo Arana (Justice and Human Rights) will present the budget assigned to their sector for fiscal year 2024.

In addition, the president of the Central Reserve Bank (BCR), Julio Velardewill talk about the macroeconomic assumptions that underpin Bill No. 5779, which prioritizes interventions aimed at educational policies, public health, poverty alleviation, access to drinking water, housing and sanitation, as well as transportation, early childhood development, violence against women and citizen security.

The Minister of Defense, Jorge Chavez —also facing possible censorship— has been invited to the Health and Population Commission to report on the situation of the transitory process of the Health Insurance Fund Administrative Institutions (IAFAS) of the Armed Forces.

Dina Boluarte and her Ministerial Cabinet.  Photo: Presidency
Dina Boluarte and her Ministerial Cabinet. Photo: Presidency

Meanwhile, the Decentralization Commission awaits the presence of the Minister of Housing, Construction and Sanitation, Hania Pérez de Cuéllarwho will give his opinion regarding the legislative initiative to ensure universal access to drinking water.

Last week, Otárola ruled out the removal of Chavez and Vera by saying that “they have the full confidence of the Government.” He added that he understands “the logic” of Parliament, so that the incumbents will appear as many times as they are summoned.

“We are sure that the political forces will understand the need for political stability, so demanded by the country, through a responsible attitude. The ministerial changes have already occurred these days. “We are going to remain firm in leading these sectors (…) The ministers will continue to come to the defense of the public policies that we are promoting,” he continued.

Weeks ago, the cabinet was renewed with the change in six portfolios, in a movement that included the entry of four new members to the Executive and the change of position of two ministers, four months after the last modifications.

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