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Complaint by Reporters Without Borders against the Paris police prefect – RT in French

Reporters Without Borders lodged a complaint against the Paris police prefect “following police violence against journalists during an operation to evacuate migrants” in Paris on November 23.

As a new day of demonstration against the Global Security Act begins on November 28, Reporters Without Borders (RSF) announced that it had lodged a complaint against the Paris police prefect, Didier Lallement, “following the police violence committed against journalists during ‘a migrant evacuation operation’ in Paris on November 23.

“Several journalists and photographers have been subjected to unjustified violence by the police,” explains RSF, who presented AFP with a certificate of filing a complaint with the Paris prosecutor’s office.

RSF in particular lodged a complaint against X and against Didier Lallement for “aggravated voluntary violence resulting in total incapacity for work of more than eight days and aggravated violence resulting in incapacity for work of less than or equal to eight days or having resulted in no incapacity for work. of work ”. The organization representing journalists also lodged a complaint for “obstructing the exercise of freedom of expression”.

Didier Lallement has been targeted by criticism this week between the muscular and controversial evacuation of a migrant camp in central Paris and the beating by police officers of a black music producer.

“We are talking about the Paris police prefect, we are not talking about a fuse, we are talking about someone who exercises a strong responsibility”, who “today is marred by what has just happened this week. And so I think that there is a subject concerning the Paris police prefect ”, declared the secretary general of the CFDT, Laurent Berger on France Info on November 27th.

For his part, Didier Lallement, asked the police under his authority to hold “the republican line to the end”, in a letter addressed to each of them, before new demonstrations this Saturday against police violence.

“To deviate from the republican line which serves as a guide, this line which has illuminated the footsteps of our elders in the darkness of history, is to deny what we are, it is to undermine the pact of confidence that unites us to our fellow citizens, it is losing the sense of our mission, ”wrote the Prefect in this letter.

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