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In our latest Community Livestream, we revealed what’s on the horizon. Halo Infinite‘s next content update, titled “Banished Honor”, ahead of its release on April 30.

Missed the stream? Check it out below to stay up to date on what you can expect in the next update, including new features highly requested by the community.

  • THE EXCHANGE: Customization elements from the past return in Halo Infinite‘s new Exchange Store, purchased with free Spartan Points that can be earned by completing matches and your weekly ultimate reward.
  • OPERATION PASS: A new free 20-tier Operation Pass themed around the power of the outcasts.
  • SANDBOX ADJUSTMENT: Halo InfiniteThe sandbox is receiving tuning updates based on community feedback, including player EMPowering with the return of the plasma gun’s ability to stun vehicles.
  • FORGE UPDATES: Two new Forge palettes are on the way, featuring Flood-infected items.
  • HEAVY BTB REFRESHMENT: New cards will arrive on this existing playlist the week after Banished Honor launches.

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