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Committee chairman criticizes FBI director for agency response to threats from white supremacist groups

Today’s Senate hearing with FBI Director Christopher Wray follows another round of hearings that took place on Capitol Hill last week with former and current enforcement officials. the security breach law surrounding Jan. 6.

Law enforcement officials told lawmakers last week they were prepared for the possibility of limited violence on Jan.6 on Capitol Hill, but information available in advance did not warn against a coordinated attack like the insurgency that overwhelmed officers and claimed multiple lives. .

“The breach of the United States Capitol was not the result of poor planning or a failure to contain a protest gone awry,” former US Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund said to two Senate committees during the first public hearing on the Capitol Riot last Tuesday.

Former House Sergeant-at-Arms Paul Irving testified that intelligence assessments prior to the Jan.6 attack erroneously concluded that there was only a “low” to “unlikely” chance of trouble. civilians that day, according to prepared testimony.

Senator Gary Peters revealed that an FBI report containing “disturbing” information was delivered to the United States Capitol Police Headquarters on the eve of January 6, but never made it to department leadership, a breakdown according to the Michigan Democrat is “clearly a major problem.” “

“How not to get this vital intelligence on the eve of what is going to be a major event?” Peters asked.

Sund responded that the information “came in the form of raw data”, while acknowledging that the information would have been useful.

“I agree that this is something we need to look at. What is the process and how do you streamline?” he said.

Sund added that the report prompted the Capitol Police to discuss their plans with the Metropolitan Police and expand their perimeter for the event, although he also said the expansion was already underway.

Last week’s hearing marked the first time Americans had listened fully to why intelligence and operations had failed so dramatically on January 6 from the very people whose choices had contributed to the crisis.

Wray is expected to be toasted during today’s Senate hearing on these intelligence failures and missteps, including why the FBI report failed to prompt more. action.


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