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Colorado tornado caught on camera from land and sky

Waterspout was first spotted near Firestone. As it moved northeast toward Platteville, it became a “well-developed tornado,” according to skilled storm watchers.

National Weather Service employees took photos of the tornado as it developed in Frederick and north of Longmont.

No injuries were reported, although there was damage, according to tweets from the Weld County Emergency Management Office and the Weather Service.

“Weld County, where the tornado formed, is the No. 1 county in the United States for tornado production,” CNN meteorologist Brandon Miller said.

“Tornadoes in Colorado are typically short-lived and on the weaker side (typically EF-0 or EF-1 on the Fujita Enhanced Scale) and are often referred to as waterspouts.”

Like their counterparts – waterspouts – which form over water, waterspouts are not produced by supercell storms like the larger, more destructive tornadoes known to form over the Great Plains.

These are usually narrow, rope-shaped condensation funnels that form as the storm cloud continues to grow and there is no rotating updraft, according to the National Weather Service.

“Colorado waterspouts typically occur during more ordinary thunderstorms that rotate due to changes in wind that occur due to drastic changes in terrain,” says Miller.

Colorado tornado caught on camera from land and sky
As Monday’s storm intensified, the waterspout-turned-tornado was visible from miles away. Denver news stations filmed the storm from helicopters – from a safe distance. Images and videos have also appeared online from people flights on board at Denver International Airport.

It is not uncommon to see tornadoes from afar in the Plains.

“In this case, there was only one storm that formed north of Denver and the airport, which made it easier to see from the plane,” the CNN meteorologist said. , Dave Hennen.

This storm system caused weather delays Monday afternoon at Denver International Airport, airport officials said via their official Twitter account.


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