College basketball will be Jay Wright says Seth Greenberg

Jay Wright’s retirement from the Villanova Wildcats on Wednesday came as a surprise to many. ESPN’s Seth Greenberg thinks the legendary coach will miss college basketball.

With the retirement of Mike Krzyzewski a few weeks ago, the world of college basketball was already set to change dramatically. Wright’s abrupt retirement was a bigger shock and could lead to seismic change.

Although the impact of Wright’s retirement won’t be felt for years, Greenberg thinks the Hall of Fame will be missed:

“Sad day for college basketball. Happy for Jay, but sad day for college basketball. I mean, look, think about what he’s done: two national championships and (one) gold medal Olympic (as an assistant coach in Tokyo) Ran a model program Villanova’s basketball culture is the best in the country.

“He survived both by doing it in his own way, with attitude and basically pushing the guys to play for those who played before them, which is their role model. With NIL and the transfer portal, I’m not sure, Jay felt he was able to keep doing it that way.”

Greenberg believes that with the transfer portal and the NIL impacting college sports at all levels, the way coaches view the game is changing.

If Wright is retiring because he doesn’t want to work all year and wants to spend more time with his family, it’s hard to blame him.

Still, he will be missed by the basketball world.

College basketball will be Jay Wright says Seth Greenberg

Seth Greenberg says Jay Wright is irreplaceable for college basketball and Villanova

Jay Wright was able to impact his players in ways vital to college basketball.
Jay Wright was able to impact his players in ways vital to college basketball.

After a legendary college basketball career, Jay Wright’s retirement will leave the sport without one of its greatest names and ambassadors. That’s what ESPN’s Seth Greenberg says we’ll miss the most.

“If you think of the great ambassadors of our game, you think of the guys that other people want to emulate and look like, that’s Jay Wright,” Greenberg said.

“We will miss him in our game because I got 10 phone calls last night from all the head coaches and they all said the same thing: how are we going to replace Jay Wright in terms of leadership going forward. college basketball? That’s how good he is.”

Greenberg isn’t the only person to hold Wright in such high regard. Other legendary coaches also see it that way.

Ancient @UNC_Basketball Coach Roy Williams said to me tonight: “I love @NovaMBB Jay Wright. Admired him very much. One of the true giants of our game. I believe Jay did it all with great class and integrity. He has been an excellent ambassador for his university and our profession.”

Coach Roy Williams is one of the most decorated and successful coaches in college basketball history. His admiration for Hall of Famer Wright shows his fellow coaches see him the same way analysts do.

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