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Cody Rhodes responds to Vince McMahon sexual abuse allegations

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WWE’s Cody Rhodes was shocked to read the allegations surrounding Vince McMahon and looked Saturday night as if he was still digesting the news of McMahon’s resignation from the company amid an explosive sex trafficking trial.

“I know when it comes to the news, we were finding out and reading the same things that you were reading,” Rhodes told reporters after winning the Royal Rumble. “You definitely said a dark cloud.” As far as a TKO, Nick Khan, the board clearly took it very seriously, acted immediately. Looking to the future, I don’t know the answer to this question.

McMahon, former executive chairman of TKO, officially resigned Friday evening after a lawsuit filed Thursday accused him of sexually abusing and trafficking former WWE employee Janel Grant to other WWE executives. business.

Grant alleged in the lawsuit that McMahon offered him employment and promotions in exchange for sex. She also alleged that McMahon recruited her to have sex with John Laurinatis, WWE’s former head of talent, among other executives.

Cody Rhodes responds to allegations on the mic in the context of WWE.
Cody Rhodes responds to allegations made against now ex-WWE boss Vince McMahon after the Royal Rumble. WWE

“She hopes that those past and present in the company who fear speaking out against harm are a thing of the past,” Grant said in a statement read by her attorney, Ann Acllis, on the Crime Fix with Angenette podcast. Levy. “She wishes them all peace.”

A spokesperson for McMahon denied the allegations and said Friday that the WWE founder “intends to vigorously defend himself.”

“I think something (that), really, probably, is a core tenant of this crew more than ever, from a roster standpoint, is very family-friendly. I’ve never seen anything like this,” Rhodes said Saturday. “A lot of the time the wrestlers are fighting and talking about each other, sandbagging each other in the ring, all that nonsense. This team is very teamwork oriented and perhaps that is the ingredient that makes everyone look out for everyone else and be responsible.

Vince McMahon at the press conference announcing the WWE Network at CES
McMahon is accused of sexually abusing and trafficking a former WWE employee in an explosive lawsuit. Getty Images

“And I know that as a performer and competitor, I’ve been through some dark times in our industry before. And this may sound cheesy, but it’s very encouraging if you’re in my shoes. This is a time when, hey, we had 50,000 people here. I wanted to give them something else from this weekend that wasn’t a terrible situation or terrible news and obviously as more news comes out we see it like you do.

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