Coastal GasLink pipeline fined $213,000 for environmental violations in northwestern British Columbia

Coastal GasLink was fined $213,600 for non-compliance with environmental regulations.

The Environmental Assessment Office (EAO) found that the proposed pipeline still failed to meet erosion and sediment control requirements, which are put in place to protect wetlands and waterways. Failure to comply with these requirements can result in damage to important ecosystems and wildlife habitats and result in poor water quality.

This is the third financial penalty the company has received. The EOA issued two more penalties for $72,500 in February 2022; and $170,100 in May 2022. The pipeline project has had more than 500 inspections with 37 warnings and 17 orders.

The EAO and CGL signed an agreement in July 2022 to address the continued non-compliance with the requirements.

“These are not isolated incidents,” said Federico Cerani of the BC Green Party caucus.

“CGL has demonstrated a reckless, malicious and dangerous attitude towards laws and regulations. They simply absorb the cost of relatively small fines and continue to destroy ecosystems. »

The party is urging the government to issue a stop work order on the pipeline.

Coastal GasLink said they “respect the EAO’s role in meeting the high regulatory standards that we are committed to. These standards represent the exceptional measures in place to safely deliver BC natural gas to the world while protecting our environment. These are fundamental values ​​for our indigenous and local community partners, and values ​​that are also at the heart of our concerns.

The company also noted, however, that this fine stems from issues that were brought to their attention nearly a year ago, and which they say have already been resolved.

“We took immediate and decisive action to resolve these issues, which ultimately led to the compliance agreement we signed with the provincial Minister of Environment and Climate Change Strategy in July 2022,” the company said.

The 670 km pipeline will connect natural gas production facilities west of Dawson Creek to LNG Canada’s natural gas export facility in Kitimat.

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