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Coast Guard crew seized $ 82 million worth of cocaine while on patrol in the Caribbean

The U.S. Coast Guard said one of its crews seized nearly $ 82 million worth of cocaine during a recent patrol in the Caribbean Sea.

During the 43-day patrol, the crew of Coast Guard Thetis intercepted three drug boats and seized nearly 6,000 pounds of cocaine, the Coast Guard reported.

“By making our presence known in the Caribbean, we continue to disrupt the flow of illicit and dangerous drugs into the United States,” said Cmdr. Justin Nadolny, commanding officer of Cutter Thetis, who returned home to Key West on Sunday. “Despite strong winds and rough seas throughout the patrol, the crew persevered and did an outstanding job in carrying out the mission.”

Coast Guard Thetis is docked at a dock in Key West on February 19, 2021.

In one case, the Thetis crew used a helicopter to stop a fast boat by pulling the boat’s outboard motor, the Coast Guard said.

“They specialize in stopping these types of vessels by pulling the engines,” said Coast Guard Petty Officer 3rd Class Jose Hernandez.

The arrest resulted in the crew seizing approximately 1,220 pounds of cocaine and apprehending three suspected drug traffickers.

The crew also conducted joint counter-narcotics operations with the Colombian Navy.

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