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CNY ‘Change of Game’: Syracuse Airport Landed in Southwest, Flights Begin Fall |  Politics

U.S. Representative John Katko said Syracuse and the central New York region would be a viable market for the Southwest.

Business leaders highlighted the benefits for the region’s economy. Rob Simpson, chairman and CEO of CenterState, said flights between Syracuse and the BWI are important to those working in the defense industry. Terreri has confirmed that this is one of the most requested routes by companies due to defense and unmanned aerial systems contractors working in central New York City.

With Southwest flying between Syracuse and BWI, Terreri said it was the first time the airport has offered low cost service to the Washington, DC metro area.

“It’s a game changer for downtown New York,” said Simpson.

For Terreri, Southwest’s arrival in Syracuse confirms that their strategy for the airport is bearing fruit. He explained that they have tried to change the airport’s reputation as a high cost airport and make it a competitive airport.

To get there, they had to make changes. He generally described the efficiency gains adopted by the airport which have made it possible to reduce airline operating costs. This, he believes, has made the airport a more attractive option for Southwest.

Southwest will initially offer flights to and from BWI, but Terreri expects the relationship to develop over time.


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