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CNN’s Jim Acosta is coming soon to call Tucker Carlson a Klansman

CNN’s Jim Acosta took a quick hit on Saturday at Tucker Carlson and his most recent racist preaching by indicating that the Fox News host should spell his first name with more than a K, an apparent allusion to the Ku Klux Klan.

“This is not the first time that Tucker Carlson – I don’t know why he spells Tucker with a single K – has been accused of making racist comments,” Acosta said.

He spoke with CNN media correspondent Brian Stelter about the outcry over Carlson peddling the famous white supremacist ‘big replacement’ conspiracy theory on Fox News and wondered if the network will again refuse to take action against Carlson. . (Watch the controversy in the video above. Acosta takes her photo at 1:16.)

Carlson complained Thursday that he was outvoted at the polls and blamed him on the “white replacement” via a shadowy plot to recruit “third world” immigrants. He insisted that it was not a racist complaint but a matter of “right to vote” because his candidates do not always win. “Why should I sit down and take this?” Carlson said.

The White Supremacist Replacement Theory claims that an elite cabal, including Jews, is deliberately recruiting immigrants of color to undermine white rule and white Christian culture. This belief has fueled racist mass shootings in the United States and elsewhere. Neo-Nazi protesters in Charlottesville, Virginia in August 2017 were referring to the fear-mongering theory when they chanted: “The Jews will not replace us.”

“The Daily Show” coldly called Carlson as “mass shot copy catFriday after echoing the same sentiments written in “manisfestoes” by shooters in El Paso (22 people killed) and Christchurch, New Zealand (51 killed) in 2019.

The Anti-Defamation League has called for Carlson’s sacking. His “full” support for the white supremacist theory was “not just a dog whistle for racists – it was a megaphone,” an ADL letter to Fox News told Fox News on Friday. Fox News did not respond.

Stelter called Carlson “the face of Fox News” and “poster child for what [CNN contributor] Van Jones called “the white list” five years ago – this white resistance to a changing country. “Carlson” has a lot of viewers who seem to be with him, and Fox is not going to take any action against him, “Stelter told Acosta. The Murdoch family, owners of Fox, don’t just tolerate Carlson, they embrace him as well as his racism, added Stelter.

“It’s just a shitty job,” Acosta noted.


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