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Clown, mad scientist … In video, Netanyahu faces criticism of Covid-19 vaccine

The Hebrew head of state gives of his person as part of the vaccination campaign against Covid-19, considered the most effective in the world. The opportunity for Benjamin Netanyahu to restore his image before the legislative elections?

Israel’s vaccination campaign against Covid 19 is now touted as the most effective in the world with more than 4.7 million citizens having received at least one dose of vaccine since the end of 2020, as the channel recently reported. Israeli streaming news I24news.

Fond of communication operations, Benjamin Netanyahu recently staged in a clip that was intended to be educational. The Israeli Prime Minister faces the criticisms vis-à-vis the vaccine, represented by an interlocutor sometimes disguised as a clown, a frightened animal, a mad scientist or a cyber-conspirator … The staging even includes the appearance of a dragon supposed to represent the “green passport” whose holders should gradually benefit from a privileged return to normalcy with in particular access to restaurants by reservation, to dining rooms in hotels or even to amusement parks under certain conditions. Relayed in Hebrew by the Head of State from February 25, the clip has since been shared with English subtitles.

Already at the end of 2020, Benjamin Netanyahu offered his right arm to a doctor’s syringe in front of the cameras to mark the official start of the vaccination campaign, for which the country has already received criticism on the international scene. In January, for example, Amnesty International called on Israel to provide vaccines to Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and Gaza, claiming that the Jewish state was obliged to do so by international law.

The Prime Minister’s efforts to highlight the effectiveness of the national vaccination campaign come ahead of the legislative elections which will be held early on March 23, 2021. Indeed, faced with a new political impasse, the Israeli parliament dissolved again last December, paving the way for the fourth legislative election in nearly two years. An election that promises to be particularly delicate for Benjamin Netanyahu, indicted for corruption, fraud and breach of trust in three different cases.

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