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Closing of schools in Brittany: the answers to your questions – Coronavirus: Practical information
  • 1. How long will the measurement last in the Rennes academy?
  • The schools (nursery, nursery, primary and college) will close on Monday. For a week, the courses will be held remotely. Then the pupils will be on vacation jointly for the following fifteen days, as in all the other academies.

    Kindergarten and primary will resume face-to-face the week of April 26. On the other hand, colleges and high schools will remain in distance lessons for an additional week before returning to school.

  • 2. Will the students continue to study?
  • During the week of April 5 for all, and the week of April 26 for middle and high school students, pedagogical continuity will be ensured at a distance: lessons and exercises will be offered by their teachers on digital platforms (ENT, Ma classe à la house, etc.).

    Students are required to complete the requested activities (lessons to be followed, exercises to be performed) and to hand in their homework within the deadlines set by their teachers. Virtual classes, which allow the teacher and the students to interact via an interposed screen, will also be offered. It is up to each establishment to define the terms and conditions that are specific to it.

  • 3. I no longer have the codes to access my child’s digital workspace. How to do ?
  • “You can send a request by messaging or by telephone to your establishment to obtain the codes. They will be provided to you personally by messaging or SMS ”, indicates the Ministry of National Education in its Frequently Asked Questions.

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  • 4. What will happen to the professional teachings that take place in the workshops?
  • The lessons which required access to technical platforms and workshops were postponed. Teachers are required to provide information (technical sheets, readings, reports, educational programs) to “consolidate the culture around the specialty”.

  • 5. Can a parent telecommute to look after their child?
  • Yes, this is what is recommended. The employer can however refuse to grant this modality if he certifies that he needs his employee on site and that teleworking is impossible.

  • 6. I cannot telecommute. How do I look after my child?
  • If your child is under 16, the compensated work stoppage, created at the start of the epidemic, could be reinstated. Confirmation is expected in the next few hours. The employer would be responsible for declaring this judgment on a specially created site. Only one of the two parents could benefit from it.

    The partial unemployment could also be renewed, as was the case when an establishment had been closed until now, due to patients with covid-19. This also remains to be confirmed. “You can ask your employer to benefit from partial activity. Your salary is covered up to 84%. You have to pay 15% for the company, ”explained the Minister of Labor, Élisabeth Borne, on Tuesday morning on Europe 1. To benefit from this device, the employee had to certify on his honor to his employer that ‘he is the only one of the two parents to request to benefit from this device and neither of the two parents was able to telework.

  • 7. Can the children be sent to the grandparents or to another family member?
  • This is allowed: just check the “compelling family reasons” box on the exceptional travel certificate. Emmanuel Macron also indicated that a tolerance will be applied until April 5 to change region, in particular so that parents of children in school can take children to grandparents.

  • 8. Will the recreation centers be open?
  • Impossible to come forward. Details are expected in the coming days by the National Education. During the first confinement, the reception centers were closed, while they were allowed to remain open during the second wave.

  • 9. Will the exams (like the bac) be canceled?
  • For the moment, no indication has been communicated. But the month of closure of the establishments suggests that they will be reopened in June, period of examinations.

  • 10. Can we go on vacation during the three weeks of free time?
  • The rule of “re-containment” applies once the week of distance learning has been spent: it is forbidden to leave a confined area, unless there is a compelling reason, health or professional. You can therefore only go on vacation … in a radius of 10 km around your home.

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