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Clinton and Pelosi’s doubts about the Capitol riot – RT en français

In a podcast, the defeated 2016 candidate Hillary Clinton voices her doubts about the influence of … Putin in the incidents on Capitol Hill. Nancy Pelosi is for her part in favor of a commission on the subject.

In a podcast broadcast on January 18 and notably relayed safely on Twitter (unlike, for example, content related to QAnon), the former Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton received Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House of Representatives and iron of launches impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump. Referring to the riot on Capitol Hill where demonstrators carrying pro-Trump flags and slogans managed to force the roadblocks, the suspicions of the two politicians quickly fell on a man … Vladimir Putin. Did you say conspirator?

Putin, usual suspect

As part of this program, the unsuccessful candidate for the 2016 election expresses her doubts that Donald Trump has “other agendas”. And to add: “I think we do not know yet […] that pulls its strings. ”

It was then that Hillary Clinton gave the bottom of her thought: “I would like to see his telephone records to see if he was speaking to Putin the day the insurgents invaded the Capitol.”

Not stopping there, the former Democratic candidate continues, finally addressing her question to Nancy Pelosi: “Do you think that we need a commission like” September 11 “to investigate and report everything what they did together, and explain what happened? ”

Showing her approval, the Democratic President of the House of Representatives, underlines that with Donald Trump, “all roads lead to Putin” then continues: “I do not know what Putin has on him politically, financially or personally, but this who arrived [au Capitole] is a gift to Putin. ”

Accusing the Russian leader of seeking to “undermine democracy [aux Etats-Unis] and everywhere in the world ”, Nancy Pelosi concludes her remarks:“ These people [qui ont envahi le Capitole], unbeknownst to them, are Putin’s puppets. They did Putin’s job when they did that, at the instigation of the President of the United States. So yes, we should have a “September 11” commission, and there is significant support in Congress to do that. “

On January 13, at the call of Democrats and in particular Nancy Pelosi, the House of Representatives voted in favor of a motion accusing Donald Trump of “inciting insurgency”, thus opening the way for a new procedure. dismissal of the outgoing president. If this has no chance of succeeding before the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden on January 20, it would notably have the consequence (in addition to the symbolism) of making Donald Trump ineligible. For his part, the latter denies having incited an intrusion on the Capitol, and has also repeatedly called his supporters for calm.

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