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‘Classless’ Chris Eubank Jr criticized for ‘childish’ reaction to Canelo’s Billy Joe Saunders shutdown

Simon Jordan criticized Chris Eubank Jr for his “sneaky” behavior after Billy Joe Saunders lost to great Saul “Canelo” Alvarez.

The Briton relinquished his WBO super middleweight world title in a unification fight Saturday night in Dallas, Texas.

Billy Joe Saunders ended up with multiple fractures around his right eye socket
Michelle Farsi / Boxing Matchroom

Before being stopped at the end of the eighth round, Saunders boxed well and used his slick southpaw stance to infuriate and, at times, confuse the Mexican.

However, a crushing right uppercut fractured several bones around his eye socket and required him to undergo immediate surgery to potentially save his eyesight, not to mention his career.

To make matters worse, the official scorecards at the time of the stoppage harshly reflect what was a brave performance by the Briton on foreign soil – he was convincingly down on all three of the judge’s cards.

Saunders is said to have pocketed $ 8million (£ 5.6million) from the fight itself, but the money never mattered.

‘Classless’ Chris Eubank Jr criticized for ‘childish’ reaction to Canelo’s Billy Joe Saunders shutdown
Eubank Jr celebrated defeat of old nemesis after betting £ 10,000
Chris Eubank Jr – Instagram

As the 31-year-old chased greatness, former nemesis Eubank Jr laughed at him from home and recouped his winnings from the stoppage.

The Brighton man shares a bitter rivalry with his compatriot Briton, who beat him when they met in 2014 and really enjoyed seeing him lose for the first time.

Eubank Jr asked a friend to film his reaction to the shutdown as he laughed loudly.

He called his rival a “wetbag” and celebrated with his pals.

Ahead of the fight, Eubank Jr revealed to talkSPORT that he bet £ 10,000 on a Canelo save – a result that saw him double his money.

Still, Jordan has made it clear that Eubank Jr’s actions are fully deplorable and believes there is an ulterior motive to his actions.

“I think it was childish,” Jordan said on “One-to-One”. “I thought it was sneaky, I thought it was childish and probably the ten thousand dollars he was betting on wasn’t even his own money.”

“Look, Billy Joe Saunders opened up to this kind of observation because of the comments he made about Daniel Dubois and the fact that he should be executed on his shield.

‘Classless’ Chris Eubank Jr criticized for ‘childish’ reaction to Canelo’s Billy Joe Saunders shutdown
Saunders will be out for a long time due to his injury, and some believe he may not fight again

“I think there is an argument to be made that it was; Mark Tibbs is a brilliant coach and he did for Billy Joe Saunders what Daniel Dubois coaches may not have done which is get him out of the firing line so that it doesn’t seem not that the fighter made the decision.

At Daniel Dubois, it looked like he had made the decision, when in reality his coach should have done it for him.

“I thought Eubank was classless, nor am I a big admirer of his father, but by definition he’s a good fighter.

“But I think there’s no need to ridicule someone this way. I think Billy Joe Saunders was very good in this fight and I think in round five, six and seven he put in a performance that made Canelo – at times – look a little pedestrian.

‘Classless’ Chris Eubank Jr criticized for ‘childish’ reaction to Canelo’s Billy Joe Saunders shutdown
Eubank and Saunders first met in 2014 when they fought for the UK middleweight title
Getty Images – Getty

“But then again, Canelo Alvarez is an elite fighter and caught up with Billy Joe Saunders at the end. So I thought it was poor from Chris Eubank.

“But Billy Joe Saunders has already beaten him once, so the argument that they have to fight again, maybe that’s what Eubank’s program was. I’ll bait and I’ll make it worse and I’ll be a little sarcastic and maybe I’ll have another bite of the cherry.


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