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Clandestine dinners: denials and still questions – France

On April 4, M6 unveiled a report on luxurious clandestine dinners taking place in the beautiful districts of Paris. The organizer would be none other than the collector Pierre-Jean Chalençon, owner of the Palais Vivienne. The latter had indicated that he received ministers at his home. Gabriel Attal, the government spokesman, whom the collector claims to have invited to dinner in a video published in February, is particularly the target of criticism.

Denials but M6 confirms

The first denial came from the collector’s lawyer. In a statement on Monday, he described a trait of “humor” from his client. An argument taken up this Tuesday by the collector at the microphone of BMTV: he claims to have wanted to make an “April Fool”. He nevertheless admits having well organized “Napoleonic dinners” as well as visits to the Palais Vivienne to prepare for the bicentenary of Napoleon’s death …

At these dinners, the government spokesperson says he never attended. On the sets of France Info this Tuesday, Gabriel Attal declares that he has “never met” the collector, and insists on the “duty of exemplarity” which ministers must demonstrate. Marlène Schiappa, Minister Delegate to the Minister of the Interior, in charge of Citizenship, also spoke on the subject on France Info. “I know from a reliable and confirmed source that there was indeed an invitation and that Gabriel Attal firmly refused it”.

The latest denial comes from the building’s union council. According to him, clandestine dinners with ministers would have been “impossible” in the Vivienne palace, almost completely empty and without a kitchen.

But according to the society of journalists of M6, “other sources confirmed the presence of a member of the government at one of these dinners”.

A “feast” in a ministry

Note that since October 30, nearly 1,000 customers of illegally opening restaurants have been fined in Paris alone, according to the Interior Ministry. In detail, in the capital, “7,345 restaurants have been checked since October 30” and in “this context, 300 tickets for irregular opening have been issued”.

In addition, a video published Monday on social networks, which went viral, caught several employees of the Ministry of Higher Education in the act, dancing in the window of their building, without a mask, on January 29, at 10 p.m. h, in full curfew. The ministry’s office confirmed to the daily 20 Minutes the authenticity of the images filmed by a local woman, speaking of “a moment of conviviality between employees”. He denounces a “shift in something dangerous and harmful, in a society of denunciation”.

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