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Citroën C5 X and C5 X plug-in hybrid: sedan, station wagon and… vaguely SUV [Essai] – Automotive

Citroën’s presence on the world’s largest market has become anecdotal and it is imperative to relaunch itself by means of a flagship and consensual product. Costs, industrial dynamics and production quality have become key assets of the Middle Kingdom. Finally, and unlike the European market still overwhelmed by SUVs, sedans are still popular with Chinese motorists. So many reasons that justify designing and producing in China.

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Built on the same technical platform as the DS9, the C5 X has a unique morphology. The first pictures reveal an imposing and robust silhouette of over 4.80 m. It wants to be a daring synthesis between the sedan / station wagon genre (station wagons are not very popular in France but appreciated in Northern Europe) and the elevated posture of an SUV of which the generous size of the wheels is one of the characteristics. With its long bonnet, its new light signature in V and its high beltline, can this avant-garde-style C5 X reshuffle the cards, in the – distant – line of the DS and CXs of yesteryear, in the segment? large sedans?


To build a career in China and regain a position in Europe in the D segment, the future new Citroën incorporates all the know-how of the brand (and of the former PSA group which has become Stellantis since the merger with Fiat Chrysler) in terms of technologies and driving aids. And it places particular emphasis on five-star comfort, which has once again become the Citroën label.

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The C5 X will be devoid of diesel engines, banned in China. It will therefore inherit heat engines, no doubt the PureTech 1.6 l in 180 or 200 hp configuration, and the 225 hp rechargeable hybrid powertrain found on the C5 Aircross Hybrid. We will know more shortly. And if orders will be opened quickly enough, remember that the CX 5 will not be marketed before the second half of the year, or even early 2022.

The plug-in hybrid should, in any event, combine a 180 hp PureTech gasoline coupled with a 110 hp electric motor and a battery of around 13 kWh. This technology is now proven and quite efficient. Citroën promises a range of 50 km in all-electric mode, consistent with the known performance of the powertrain. However, this is a minimum because the manufacturers strive to improve the autonomy of rechargeable models for commercial reasons and to comply with standards.

Citroën C5 X and C5 X plug-in hybrid: sedan, station wagon and… vaguely SUV [Essai] – Automotive

In terms of comfort, Citroën fans will not be disappointed. In addition to the padded seats which are a house specialty, the C5 X inherits the “Advanced Comfort” suspension and its “flying carpet” effect. On the high-end hybrid, we will be entitled to a three-mode piloting system which reinforces the action of the progressive hydraulic stops. We will see more clearly by taking the controls of this model which is the distant successor of the DS and CX of yesteryear.

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