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Chromebook shipments increased 275% in Q1 – TechCrunch

New figures from research firm Canalys indicate continued growth in PCs in 2020/21, as the pandemic has forced many people to rethink how – and where – they work. PC shipments have increased for four consecutive quarters. In total, the numbers (in which the company is bundling the tablets, incidentally) have increased by 53% year over year.

Chromebooks have been the main driver of growth, according to the numbers. The category jumped 275% year-over-year for the first quarter to 12 million units. HP saw a pretty massive share of this, with 36.4% of the total market, down from 18.6% percent. Lenovo, Acer, Samsung and Dell rounded out the top five.

Image credits: Canalys

The growth of the category continues to be driven primarily by the education sector. It has long been the anchor of devices that have traditionally failed to integrate into consumer use. As many classrooms were forced to go virtual, this category continued to experience impressive growth. And it may now go beyond education.

“Chromebooks are definitely a consumer computing product now,” Canalys’s Brian Lynch said in a news release. “While the education sector still accounts for the majority of shipments, their popularity with consumers and traditional business customers has reached new heights over the past year.”

The tablets also had a strong quarter, following a period of poor sales. Education is also an important driver, with wider use. Apple leads the category with 38.2% of the market, with Samsung and Lenovo completing the top three. On the PC side (and more tablets), Lenovo is leading, followed by Apple and HP.

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