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Christiane Amanpour reveals she has ovarian cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy

CNN’s chief international presenter Christiane Amanpour revealed on Monday that she is battling ovarian cancer.

The British Iranian journalist tweeted a broadcast segment of herself sharing the news and saying the past four weeks had been “a bit of a roller coaster” for her.

“During that time, like millions of women around the world, I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. I have successfully had major surgery to remove it and am now undergoing several months of chemotherapy for the best possible long term prognosis, ”she said in the clip.

The 63-year-old added that she was “confident” and “lucky enough to have health insurance thanks to the work and the amazing doctors who treat me.”

Amanpour pleaded with the women to learn more about ovarian cancer and to “do all the regular screenings and scans possible.”

She also encouraged them to “always listen to your body and, of course, to make sure that your legitimate medical concerns are not dismissed or diminished.”

CNN Chairman Jeff Zucker said in a statement to HuffPost that he applauded Amanpour for “his frankness, bravery and constant work for the greater good.”

“As a cancer survivor, I too encourage people to listen to their bodies and have access to all early cancer screenings. From our CNN family, we wish Christiane the best for a full and speedy recovery, ”Zucker said.

Globally, ovarian cancer is the 18th most common cancer and the eighth most common cancer in women. The World Cancer Research Fund reported nearly 300,000 new cases in 2018.

The American Cancer Society estimates that a “woman’s lifetime risk of developing ovarian cancer is approximately 1 in 78” and that “her lifetime chance of dying from ovarian cancer is about 1 in 78. ‘ovary is about 1 in 108’.

The group added that about half of women who are “diagnosed with ovarian cancer are 63 or older.”


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