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Chrissy Teigen reveals she removed the fat from her cheeks

Chrissy teigen is known to be cheeky, but a little less so these days!

In a clip shared to Instagram Stories over the weekend, the model, 35, revealed that she had fat removed from her cheeks and shared her joy at seeing the results. In the video, which was reposted by The Cosmetic Lane on Twitter, Chrissy explained that her oral fat removal was performed by Dr Jason Diamond, a surgeon located in Beverly Hills.

“I did this Dr. Diamond mouth fat removal thing here,” she shared, pointing to her cheekbones. “And since I quit drinking I really see the results and I like it. Yeah, I did, what?”

Chrissy, who revealed she was quitting drinking in December 2020, also captioned her clip, writing “no shame in my game of dr diamond”. Fans might recognize the well-known plastic surgeon’s name from his appearance on E! Dr 90210.