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Chris Paul, NBA Twitter react to DeAndre Ayton’s winning dunk in Suns vs Clippers

DeAndre Ayton was the hero of the Suns in their Game 2 victory over the Clippers.

With less than a second on the clock, the Suns lost one point and only had 0.9 seconds to shoot. Jae Crowder tucked the ball over the baseline under the Suns’ basket and found Ayton cutting with the hoop.

Ayton threw it to the ground. The game was only 0.2 seconds behind and sealed the 104-103 victory for the Suns.

Here is a look at the incredible finish.

Ayton and Crowder deserve a lot of the credit, but Devin Booker had an impact on the finish as well. Her physical screen on Ivica Zubac – which is seven inches taller and 35 pounds heavier than Booker – gave Ayton just enough room to open up from the cup and throw the dunk.

And Booker put his body in danger despite playing with a bloodied nose that required stitches after an inadvertent kick from Patrick Beverley earlier in the game.

The arrival of the Suns delighted Phoenix fans as well as star team point guard Chris Paul, who missed his second straight game in NBA health and safety protocols. He took the time to celebrate the victory on Twitter and praised coach Monty Williams on his “call to the big game.”

Indeed, it was a nice game decision, and Williams made sure Ayton was ready to dunk immediately after catching the ball.

“DA – if he throws it, you have to try to dunk it,” Williams said. “Okay?”

Ayton was ready and obligated. Because of its branding, NBA Twitter broke out and celebrated the exciting end of another hotly contested playoff battle.

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