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Chlorine shortage could be bad news for swimming pools this summer
Chlorine supplies are running out due to a fire at a chemical plant in Louisiana last August that was damaged by Hurricane Laura. As a result, tab prices have skyrocketed.
“A sharp price increase is likely. The extent of the chlorine shortage is still unknown,” B&B Pool and Spa Center, a Chestnut Ridge, New York-based retailer, said on its website. . “While it is still early for swimming season, it is advisable to prepare now for the opening of your pool. This includes storing the chemicals needed to get you through most, if not the entire season. bathing. ”
A quick glance at Amazon shows that a 50-pound bucket of In the Swim-branded 3-inch chlorine tablets now costs up to $ 169.99, about double the normal cost. In addition, supplies are limited.

What is clear is that swimming pool owners should consider stocking up as soon as possible.

“When it comes to retail prices, it’s a fact that we’re seeing increases across the industry,” Michael Egeck, CEO of Leslie’s, a swimming pool supplies company, said on a earnings conference call. with analysts in February, asked about the chlorine shortage.

And that may not improve anytime soon.

“Pool chlorine is not easy to obtain and there is a nationwide chlorine shortage that we are all going to be facing,” said John Swygert, CEO of the retailer. Ollie’s bargain store (OLLI), during a call with analysts in March.


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