Chinese state media describes Biden as fat Dracula putting Ukraine through a meat grinder

The Chinese state enterprise world times Wednesday unleashed a long rambling op-ed accusing “American warmongers” of reveling in the Russian invasion of Ukraine and other global conflicts like profiteering “vampires”.

The screed was accompanied by an illustration of President Joe Biden, dressed as a portly iteration of Dracula, feeding a Ukrainian flag through a meat grinder to produce stacks of dollar bills in place of sausages:

Unmasking the Superpower: Vampires in War Illustration: Xu Zihe/GT

the world times presented his rant as part of a “series of stories and cartoons to unveil how the United States, in its superpower status, has created one crisis after another in the world”.

The real reason is Beijing’s outrage stern warnings of the United States and Europe that it must not aid the patently illegal Russian invasion of Ukraine.

China has so far been content to give Russia political cover by refusing to condemn the invasion or support Ukraine against Moscow’s aggression, but the past week has brought a chorus of warnings from the western world that China was considering more substantial support for its Russian partner in what both sides arrogantly describe as a “new world order”.

The propagandists of world times – internal organ of the tyrannical regime threatening bloody aggression on most of its land and sea borders, since the Himalayas to the South China Seasurmounted by a potential invasion of taiwan that could ignite a global conflict – dutifully accused the accusers of spending too much on military forces and attempting “to incite wars all over the world” for profit.

This included the war in Ukraine, where Russian dictator Vladimir Putin was portrayed as a helpless bystander while the sinister American and European “military-industrial complex” pulled all the strings. the world times even gave the military-industrial complex an acronym, MIC, as if it were a real agency with offices and stationery:

The MIC is a unique phenomenon in the United States. During World War II, America’s five major defense contractors – Lockheed Martin Corporation, Raytheon Company, Northrop Grumman Corporation, Boeing Company and General Dynamics Corporation – made large profits from the war and won a large number of contracts from the federal government during this period. Since then, their interests have been linked.

During the Cold War era, the U.S. military, defense contractors, federal government, Congress, and local universities cooperated closely and expanded their strengths into new industries like aerospace, energy, electronics industry, information technology and bio-engineering, creating a huge MIC. Think tanks and the media have all been sucked into it and they have become part of the shared interest complex.

The MIC has taken over most of the wealth of the United States and has become a monster that the country cannot get rid of.

the world times kept talking about the MIC’s iron fist on politics in Washington and most of the 50 states, without bothering to mention China gigantic surge in military spending, or the tight grip of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA, and that’s really Is have offices and stationery) keeps on the Chinese economy.

On most other days, Chinese state media loudly brags about Beijing’s fascist strategy of “military-civilian fusionwhich puts all Chinese industry and “private” trade at the service of military strategists. the world times and other Chinese state media frequently claim that the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic has proven that centrally planned authoritarianism – which is nothing but a vast military-industrial complex, in which the hyphen between “military” and “industrial” has largely been erased – is superior to free-market democracy.

But now, with Beijing feeling stung and angered by Western warnings not to help Russia in Ukraine, the world times railed against American militarism as if there was not a single industry controlled by the PLA in China. He also managed to forget about all those Chinese companies drooling over business opportunities in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan when he railed against vampire war profiteers.

Most of the editorial was stitched together from Western media sources, implying that someone at world times Googled the phrase “military-industrial complex” and cited everything they could find. The only original writing provided by Chinese communist columnists was the outrage that America and Europe might push back against the new China and Russia “world order” trumpeted this week. The authors were very concerned that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine would also have rallied the world against China.

“Voices encouraging the United States to prepare for war with China and Russia at the same time are not alienated among American scholars,” the official said. world times he muttered resentfully, taking comfort in the thought that the US national debt is too high to support such an increase in military spending.


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