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Chinese President Xi Tries To Roll Back Western-Style Chinese Capitalism


The Wall Street Journal with an article on what has become evident in China over the past few months amid crackdowns in many industrial sectors and it forges a new path of “common prosperity.”

  • Xi does not intend to eradicate market forces, the Journal’s review says. But he seems to want a state in which the party does more to steer the flow of money, sets tighter parameters for entrepreneurs and investors and their ability to make a profit, and has even more control over the economy than it does. ‘today. In essence, this suggests that he aims to rewrite the rules of commerce in what may one day be the world’s largest economy.

I have thought for a while that what Xi is doing is not that different from what is also expressed in many Western countries. Not at such high levels of government, of course, yet. I have already said that Xi seems to have taken the pulse not only of China but elsewhere.

Xi and Biden haven’t met since Biden became President of the United States, so this photo with former President Trump will have to do the trick.

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