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Chinese Concentration Camp Survivor Details Torture and Indoctrination

the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation (VOC) held a conference on Wednesday to take stock of Chinese atrocities in Xinjiang and demand an investigation by the International Criminal Court (ICC).

VOC President Andrew Bremberg said:

We believe in bringing the testimony of witnesses to the fore whenever discussing the legacy of communism. The efforts of these brave souls are an invaluable resource for us and for future generations. The witnesses and their stories remind us that the atrocities committed by communist regimes, today and in the past, are not just words on a page

Among the speakers at the VOC conference was a survivor of the infamous Xinjiang concentration camps who adopted the English name Joseph. He described his ordeal in detail, from an early morning arrest by Chinese security agents and the brief pretense that he would attend a “training center” for job skills, to the brutal reality of a labor camp. overcrowded and unsanitary prisoners – where 26 men were crammed into a single bed and forced to share a single toilet.

The camp experience included constant surveillance, bizarre medical treatment, and physical and psychological torment. The survivor said the detainees were constantly receiving mysterious oral medications and injections from their Chinese captors. He believed that much of the camp’s abuse was aimed at softening inmates for political indoctrination and programming.

Joseph mentioned encountering the “tiger chair,” an instrument of torture described by many Xinjiang concentration camp survivors and denounced by a human rights organization. The Tiger Chair is a stiff, uncomfortable metal chair in which prisoners are tied for obscene lengths of time, causing unbearable pain and swelling in the legs and buttocks. It is said to be favored by Chinese communists because it does not leave visible marks of torment on victims once the swelling subsides.

Quoting the US State Department conclusion – reached on the last day of the Trump administration, with input from the VOC and other human rights watchdogs – that China’s crackdown on Uyghurs met the definition of genocide, the conference called for an investigation unbiased and unfettered on “mass extrajudicial incarceration, forced sterilization and abortion, forced labor, family separation and more” in Xinjiang.

The Chinese state enterprise world times Wednesday mocked President Joe Biden for calling Russia’s attack on Ukraine ‘genocide’, finding the accusation as absurd and hypocritical as the (very specific) accusations of genocide against China for its abuses towards Uyghur Muslims.

“Your family budget, your ability to fuel up — none of that should depend on a dictator declaring war and committing genocide halfway around the world,” Biden said. mentioned during a speech on energy prices in Iowa on Tuesday, apparently referring to Russian leader Vladimir Putin, not Chinese dictator Xi Jinping. The White House sought to backpedal legal and political ramifications of Biden’s remarks, while the president has maintained his use of the term.

the world times accused Biden of thoughtlessly launching a global controversy to distract from his low poll numbers and impending midterm election disaster for his party, using Russia as a “scapegoat” to divert attention its inability to cope with the energy crisis and the “sluggish American economy”.

The Chinese Communist newspaper then rattled off its favorite talking points about how all of the human rights allegations against China and its allies are just hypocritical Western ploys to thwart rising powers:

From a global perspective, the US charge of “genocide” has long lost its force to create a storm, as Washington has thrown the term around the world from time to time. Just before the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, China was accused of having “committed genocide” in its Uyghur autonomous region of Xinjiang.

The list is even longer. Beyond the Holocaust, the US State Department has officially concluded that genocide was committed eight times. If the remarks of individual politicians are also taken into account, the frequency of the term used is much higher. The United States has diluted the meaning of the word too much.

“Genocide” has become a tool used by the United States to pursue its political objectives. For ordinary people, it may have become a norm to hear the United States talk about it out loud. Few people would take it more seriously. The United States has never been the avatar of justice, nor is its relevant formulation sacred.

This was followed by the predictable dredging of the grim history of American Indians, as if the horrors perpetrated over 200 years ago meant no one in the United States could justly criticize China for brutally enslaving a whole people. right now. One could also point out that the disciples of world class murderous maniac Mao Zedong is unable to rehash the dark chapters of anyone else’s history.

President Biden’s spontaneous allegation of the Russian genocide has lots of reviews outside the Chinese Communist Party, who note that Russia’s conduct can be horrifying without meeting the strict legal definition of genocide, and fear that careless use of the charge of genocide will diminish its power against those who deserve to be so accused. China moved quickly to use Biden’s remarks for exactly that purpose.

Biden has yet to personally call the genocide of the Uyghur people of East Turkestan a genocide, although officials in his administration have.


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