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China’s cheating threatens to destroy Paris Olympics, US drug chief says – POLITICO

National anti-doping regulators such as CHINADA are supposed to closely monitor athletes in competition and training for evidence of illegal drug use, while WADA – which is funded by the Olympic Movement and national governments – coordinates anti-doping rules around the world.

“The Chinese are not held to the same standards by their own national anti-doping agency and then by the World Anti-Doping Agency, which is supposed to be the great equalizer and ensure that the rules are applied fairly around the world, it “It’s OK the Chinese were not following the rules and effectively swept it under the rug,” Tygart said.

CHINADA did not respond to a request for comment. In a statement, a WADA spokesperson said: “The allegations of pro-China bias and cover-up by WADA lacked evidence from the start and WADA’s explanations demonstrate that they are simply false. Only a few people, with their own agendas, continue to cling to these defamatory claims.

The prospect of China’s unfettered cheating at the Paris Olympics is another sensitive topic for Macron and Xi this week, as the leaders grapple with Beijing’s support for Russia’s war against Ukraine and to an imminent trade war between Europe and China. Macron has made the Olympics a key pillar of his second presidential term.

Russian state-sponsored cheating has marred previous Olympics, including Sochi in 2014, where Moscow orchestrated a brazen – and initially successful – doping plot, but Tygart said the Chinese scandal could be worse because it highlights highlight a failure of sports governance.

“So following Russia – and look, I don’t know if the evidence of systemic state-sponsored doping is at the level that was demonstrated in the Russian case – but here I think that “It’s more troubling to clean up the athletes, because the system that’s supposed to hold each country accountable has broken down,” Tygart said.

Travis Tygart, CEO of the US Anti-Doping Agency, sharply criticized WADA | Alex Wong/Getty Images

Ironically, Kamila Valieva, a Russian teenage figure skater, tested positive for the same substance TMZ in 2021 and was stripped of her medals and banned for four years.


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