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China sanctions Wilbur Ross, others in response to US warnings on Hong Kong

A spokesperson for the Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Friday that the US opinion was aimed at “baselessly sullying Hong Kong’s business environment,” and called new US sanctions against seven Chinese officials illegal. in Hong Kong. “In response to the erroneous practice of the US side, China has decided to take reciprocal countermeasures,” the spokesperson said.

Ross, who served as Commerce Secretary under former President Donald Trump, is one of seven people and entities sanctioned by the Chinese government.

Other people punished include Carolyn Bartholomew, chair of the US-China Economic Security Review Commission, and Sophie Richardson, Chinese director of Human Rights Watch.

Former personnel director of the Congressional Executive Commission on China Jonathan Stivers, DoYun Kim of the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs, Senior Program Director of the International Republican Institute Adam Joseph King and the Hong Kong Democratic Council also been sanctioned.

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