China defends Elon Musk against Jeff Bezos’ ‘sour grapes’

The Chinese state enterprise world times Tuesday rushed to defend new Twitter owner Elon Musk from criticism from Amazon and Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos.

The editorial sneered that Bezos’ musings on communist China using economic leverage on Musk to control Twitter were just “sour grapes” from billionaire Amazon to billionaire Tesla.

the world times managed to insert its own sour grapes into the op-ed, quoting “China watchers” who said Twitter should “stop throwing labels” — in other words, labeling agents of the Chinese Communist government, the media of state and propagandists as such.

With that little bottled up groan, the op-ed then lambasted Bezos for suggesting that China might threaten his Tesla business interests to control speech on Twitter. the world times Bezos speculated that “to hamper the takeover, in part because Musk’s Tesla was successful in China while Amazon failed to break into the Chinese market.”

Other “Chinese experts” have come out to suggest that Bezos was mesmerized by the pervasive and unreasonable anti-Chinese bias in Western media:

“Using the issue of China’s so-called influence to challenge Musk is just a ‘sour grape’ mentality,” Shen Yi, a professor at the School of International Relations and Public Affairs, said on Tuesday. from Fudan University, to the Global Times.

In Western countries, criticizing China has become normal, so Bezos’ claims may sound convincing, he said. But Bezos’ tweet reflected his mindset of imposing a baseless political interpretation on a profit-making trade deal, a Beijing-based expert on geopolitics and relations told the Global Times on Tuesday. Chinese-Americans who preferred not to be named.

In some Western countries, there is a deep-rooted prejudice that China does not have freedom of speech. But the “free speech” they advocate is generally criticism and defamation of China, and Bezos is one of them who still shares this bias and double standards towards China, he said. -he declares.

This is a terribly ungraceful way for China to talk about Jeff Bezos, who literally sold place in his Washington Post newspaper to the Chinese Communist government so that it could send its propaganda directly to American readers. the Washington Post was not alone in this arrangement. Chinese state media paid $19 million over four years to promote their content to outlets including the the wall street journal and New York Times, as well as various city newspapers across America.

Whatever “anti-Chinese bias” may exist among the American media, it clearly does not prevent them from taking Chinese money to run “advertisements” and “special inserts” written in Beijing – a subject reviewed in detail in Breitbart News Editor-in- Chef Alex Marlow’s Book Breaking the News: Exposing the Hidden Deals and Secret Corruption of the Establishment Media.

the world times insisted that Musk’s stance as a ‘free speech absolutist’ compelled him to give freer Twitter access to Chinese communist officials, including banned companies with ties to military intelligence Chinese.

“In March, Twitter began flagging tweets from any individual account that includes a URL of what it considers to be a Chinese state media website, and such a move has caused inconvenience to media and users alike. online,” the editors complained.

In truth, allowing the Chinese authoritarian regime or any of its media outlets to use Twitter at all is absurd, since the regime banned twitter for its own topics, bringing them together in a tightly controlled platform called Weibo that has been isolated from the rest of the global information sphere. A truly “free speech absolutist” stance for Twitter’s new owner would be to ban agents of any government that bans its own citizens from using the platform.

Of course, if Musk issued such an executive order, the communist government almost certainly did. would like to retaliate against his business interests in China – unless the Politburo gang is reluctant to demonstrate that Jeff Bezos’ grapes weren’t so sour after all.


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