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Children’s books have come a long way in terms of portraying the diversity of human experience, but we still have a long way to go. Tall children in particular do not often see themselves represented in their literature.

“Unfortunately, finding tall characters who are kind, genuine, adventurous, brave, intelligent or all of the above in the pages of children’s literature is really difficult,” mother and writer Marie Southard Ospina said in an article. of Romper in 2019.

Below, we’ve rounded up 20 children’s books that feature characters with under-represented body types. While some stories focus on the themes of body positivity and diversity, others include characters who just happen to be plus size.

This story is part of a HuffPost Parents project called “I See Me,” a series for parents and children about the power of representation. We know how important it is for children to see people who are like them on the biggest stages, including politics, sports, entertainment and beyond. Throughout the month of February we will explore the importance of representation in teaching children about difference, acceptance, privilege and advocacy for others.


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