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Cheney says a Republican majority in the House of Representatives in 2025 would pose a ‘threat’


Former Republican Rep. Liz Cheney said she believes a Republican majority in the House in 2025 would present a “threat” to the country.

“I believe very strongly in the principles and ideals that have defined the Republican Party, but today’s Republican Party made a choice and did not choose the Constitution. And so I think that presents a threat if the Republicans are in the majority in January 2025,” Cheney said in an interview broadcast on “CBS Sunday Morning.”

Cheney, who represented Wyoming in Congress from 2017 to 2023, said current House Speaker Mike Johnson was “absolutely” a collaborator in efforts to overturn the 2020 election and should not to be president in 2025.

“He can’t be.” We are facing a situation regarding the 2024 elections where it is an existential crisis. And we need to make sure that we don’t find ourselves in a situation where elections that could go to the House of Representatives are overseen by a Republican majority,” she said.

If no presidential candidate achieves 270 or more votes in the Electoral College, the election will proceed to the House of Representatives, where each state’s delegation will have only one vote. Two presidents were chosen by the House: Thomas Jefferson and John Quincy Adams.

Cheney, who once called Johnson a “good friend,” said that after the 2020 election, the Louisiana Republican “was willing to repeatedly ignore court rulings, to ignore what state and federal courts had done and said about the elections in these states in an attempt to carry out the orders of Donald Trump.”

In her new book due out Tuesday, Cheney delivers a stern rebuke to the Republican Party, its leaders and Trump, whom she calls “the most dangerous man to ever inhabit the Oval Office,” according to a copy of “Oath and honor”. obtained by CNN.

She writes in her book that Johnson “seemed particularly susceptible to Trump’s blandishments and yearned to be anywhere in Trump’s orbit.”

Cheney played a leading role as vice chairman of the House Jan. 6 committee, which revealed critical details about Trump’s attempts to overturn the 2020 election.

She has pledged to do whatever is necessary to prevent Trump from returning to the White House, including leaving the door open for a 2024 presidential bid herself. If Trump is the party’s nominee, Cheney said she would leave the GOP.

“What I believe is the cause of our times is that we do not become insensitive to the fact that we understand the warning signs, that we understand the danger and… that we ignore partisan politics for the sake of stop,” Cheney told CBS.

CNN’s Jamie Gangel, Jeremy Herb and Elizabeth Stuart contributed to this report.

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