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Cheney accuses Stefanik of deleting a 2021 statement condemning January 6 protesters

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Stefanik has since downplayed the significance of the attack on the Capitol and questioned the legitimacy of the legal proceedings against the participants in the attack. She is reportedly being considered to be Trump’s vice presidential pick if he wins his bid for president.

Cheney previously served as vice chair of the House Select Committee during the Jan. 6 attack — which Stefanik called “illegitimate and unconstitutional.” Cheney became the focus of Trump’s ire and lost in the primary for her Montana House seat in 2022.

On Saturday, Cheney posted again to point out that the statement in question was no longer available on Stefanik’s official website.

As of Saturday morning, the website did not show any press releases older than 2023.

On January 7 of this year, Stefanik referred to those imprisoned for January 6-related offenses as “hostages” during an appearance on “Meet The Press.”

“I am concerned about the treatment of the January 6 hostages,” she added.

Cheney called her later that morning on “Face the Nation.”

In a statement to POLITICO on Saturday, a spokesperson for Stefanik accused Cheney of “lashing out” over personal animosity, noting that Stefanik’s previous statements could still be found on several social media channels.

David Cohen contributed to this report.


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