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Chelsea’s Edouard Mendy praised for ‘changing perception’ of black goalkeepers

The 27-year-old shooter, who has been the subject of racist attacks online which led to a Port Vale fan being investigated by police, believes Chelsea star Mendy broke up stereotypes between messages.

As the first African goalkeeper to win the Champions League, the Senegalese international has impressed enormously since leaving Rennes last year.

“It’s not common to see a black guardian,” Vigouroux told the Orient YouTube channel.

“I think a lot of the perception was that ‘he’s got a mistake in him’ and I’ve had to fight my whole career. And not just me – there are a lot of other black guardians who have had to do confronted with this .

“It’s something that I think is changing. I watch Mendy at Chelsea – I had never heard of him when he signed for Chelsea – and he was amazing, and he opened the door. way to many black guardians.

“We can take him as a benchmark for what he’s been up to in the recent past in particular and I feel that perception is starting to change a bit.

“I look at our league and I think there are seven or eight that start week after week, so I feel like that perception is changing, but there is a long way to go.”

The teenage fan who sent the abusive message to Vigouroux has been banned for life from Port Vale and the case is the subject of an ongoing police investigation.

Vigouroux, who was an intern at Tottenham, shared screenshots of the abuse on his Twitter account following his side’s 3-2 loss in Ligue 2 on October 2.

“I just thought it would be in everyone’s best interests to put [the abusive messages] over there, “said the former Camden-born Chilean junior international.

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