Chef Charles Withers contacts ghosted wife after public shaming

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He serves a mean leg of lamb.

Charles Withers, the celebrity chef who allegedly abandoned his family in Massachusetts a year ago, finally contacted his estranged wife Ashley McGuire after her Facebook account about the incident went viral this week, the mother of four confirmed upset children.

The OP’s relative spoke to radio station JAM’N 94.5 about the fallout from her post on the popular social media group “Are We Dating the Same Guy,” which exposed her absentee man.

Ashley McGuire went viral after recruiting internet users to help her find her husband who allegedly abandoned their family. Instagram/Ashley McGuire

McGuire said Withers — who appeared on The Food Network’s “Chopped” TV show in 2022 and operated Falmouth’s C Salt Wine Bar and Grille — sent him a very clear text amid the scandal eruption .

“He contacted me…and said he would be happy to talk to me,” said McGuire, who said she was “ghosted” while pregnant with her second child. last year.

She said her number hadn’t changed, although she suspected otherwise. In total, McGuire said she had four children, two of them before she met Withers.

The frustrated woman’s very public plea sparked numerous amateur investigations and a slew of reaction videos, with McGuire denying any ill will.

She said she just wanted to serve Withers, who fled to Texas, with divorce papers.

“My goal was not to disrupt his entire life. I just want to close the door and move on.

McGuire argued that she “could have been much worse” in her account of the events of the exodus.

“I left out a lot of details,” added the mother. “I have no ill will towards him. I didn’t intentionally make him, you know, the most hated man in the world.

However, she still demands accountability from the Londoner.

“You just dug this hole in my life. Like you turned my world upside down. The least you can do is not send me on a wild goose chase to find you. And just sign these papers.

Adding insult to injury, other women had been in contact with McGuire to let him know that they had met Withers on dating apps like Bumble.

Celebrity chef Charles Withers has been called out for allegedly leaving his family behind to start a new life. X/Charlie Withers
McGuire is now raising several children on her own. Instagram/Ashley McGuire

For these reasons, she knows Withers can step up to provide for her family.

“If you can take these girls on Bumble on dates and this, that and the other, you can send a box of diapers,” she said.

“Walking away from all responsibility, walking away like nothing happened, it’s like you can’t do that. You must be held responsible.

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