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Cheeky gas station hijacking leaves victim stunned, New Orleans video shows

At least three people executed a ploy to steal a car from a gas station and then used the stolen vehicle in other suspected crimes, according to New Orleans police.

Surveillance images shared from FOX 8 shows the initial carjacking and the confused victim, who is shocked as his car is taken away from him.

Police in New Orleans are searching for victim’s Honda Accord with license plate 202EMV.

The video shows a man exiting a Lexus at the gas station and appears to distract the man on the Accord’s driver’s side door. Another man exits the suspect’s vehicle and crouches as he walks through the passenger door of the Accord.

He slips over to the driver’s side and spins down the Chef Menteur Highway. The suspect who was distracting the victim gets back into the Lexus and leaves with another person at the wheel.

The victim stands by the pump for at least 10 seconds, appearing to be stunned by what happened.

Twenty minutes after the hijacking, the suspects drove 10 kilometers away to another business, where they are accused of stealing a woman’s purse from her vehicle, police said.

An hour later, the Accord was used in the hijacking of a 2021 Toyota Corolla, police said. The second hijacking occurred approximately 10 miles from the first incident. The Louisiana Corolla license plate number is N574499.

Both vehicles are wanted by New Orleans Police. Anyone with information can contact the police department anonymously at 504-822-1111.

McClatchy News has contacted the gas station where the first hijacking occurred.

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