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Chechen was arrested for his anti-Mila activism on the internet – RT in French

According to Le Point, a 17-year-old Chechen national was arrested after an intelligence alert concerning his digital activism against Mila, threatened with death after taking a stand against Islam on social networks.

According to information from Point, an investigation was opened for apologizing for terrorism after territorial intelligence spotted the digital activism of a 17-year-old Chechen national against the young Mila, who had been threatened with death several times for her exercise of freedom of ‘expression.

The accused, called Saïd A., was arrested in Langres (Haute-Marne) this August 31 in the early morning by the judicial police of Reims, according to the same source.

Point specifies that “elements of radicalization were found during the arrest”. And to quote a territorial intelligence policeman: “There is no Chechen community, [mais] we note the presence of young adolescents or young men aged 15 to 25 born in France after the exile of their parents during the 2000s and who sometimes live in the midst of their families and become radicalized on their smartphones. ”

Joseph Zimet, prefect of Haute-Marne, for his part evokes a “low noise digital radicalization of these young Chechens who are difficult to monitor”.

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