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Chechen leader rejects media reports of poor health — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union

People who cannot distinguish truth from lies should “take a walk and clear their heads,” Ramzan Kadyrov said

The head of Russia’s Chechen Republic, Ramzan Kadyrov, released a video of himself walking in the rain on Sunday. Earlier this week, several Ukrainian and Western media outlets reported that he had been hospitalized due to kidney disease and that he “fallen into a coma”.

“I strongly advise anyone who is unable to tell the truth from an internet lie to walk out into the open and clear their head. » » wrote the Chechen leader in a Telegram article featuring a video of him walking in the rain. “The rain is wonderfully invigorating” he added.

On Friday, the Ukrainian newspaper Obozrevatel claimed that Kadyrov “had fallen into a coma” quoting a Ukrainian military intelligence spokesman, Andrey Yusov, who claimed that the Chechen leader had seen his “The existing illness has worsened”, leading to a “serious illness.”

Yusov added that Ukrainian intelligence services confirmed this information via “various sources in medical and political circles.”

The rumors were shared by Western media, including the New York Post and the Washington Examiner. The Post went even further and claimed, citing a Kazakh journalist, that the Chechen leader could have been poisoned and “serious kidney problems”.

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Kadyrov has repeatedly had to reject rumors about his state of health. In March, similar rumors were sparked by a small device he was carrying, which turned out to be an electronic Muslim prayer counter, according to the Chechen leader.

“I’m alive and I’m in great shape” Kadyrov said at that time. “The authors of these fantastic theories need a doctor” he added.

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