Cheaper and thinner Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 could be canceled

As usual, Samsung will launch the Galaxy Z Flip 6 and Galaxy Z Fold 6 in the second half of this year. However, there has been a lot of confusion regarding the Galaxy Z Fold 6 and its possible variants. Some reports claim that Samsung will launch a cheaper Galaxy Z Fold 6 (Fan Edition?), while others claim that the South Korean company will launch a Galaxy Z Fold 6 Ultra, possibly with better cameras. A new report claims the cheaper Galaxy Z Fold 6 could be canceled.

A cheaper Galaxy Z Fold 6 without S Pen compatibility would have been canceled

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 Render 03

According to a new report from TheElec, Samsung is reconsidering its plans to launch a cheaper Galaxy Z Fold 6 this year. The South Korean company is reportedly planning to launch the cheaper Galaxy Z Fold 6 alongside the standard Galaxy Z Fold 6. However, it would lack the digitizer required for S Pen functionality, meaning it wouldn’t be compatible with the S Pen. The company reportedly recently completed testing of the device, which boasts an IPX8 rating and a 200,000-fold rating, but it was no thinner than foldable phones from rival Chinese companies. Mass production of Galaxy Z Fold 6 components is expected to start this month.

Due to insufficient product differentiation and market uncertainties, Samsung reportedly intends to cancel its launch. According to the report, only the standard Galaxy Z Flip 6 and Galaxy Z Fold 6 will be launched.

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A cheaper Galaxy Z Flip 7 could launch in 2025

According to the report, Samsung plans to launch a cheaper version of the Galaxy Z Flip 7 next year. While the company’s overall smartphone market share is less than 1% in China, its foldable smartphone market share is in double digits. So, Samsung is trying to increase its market share with cheaper foldable phones.

TM Roh, CEO of Samsung MX, said that more than 100 million foldable phones could ship annually over the next five years. However, the company has fallen behind in the race. Foldable phones from Chinese companies have bigger, brighter screens, bigger camera sensors, bigger batteries and faster charging. The company plans to be more competitive by launching the Galaxy Z Fold 6 with better cameras, a thinner body and improved durability.

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