ChatGPT arriving on the Mac in new OpenAI app ahead of WWDC

Today, during the OpenAI Spring Update keynote, the company announced that ChatGPT will soon become more easily accessible with the launch of an all-new desktop app on Mac.

New Mac app makes ChatGPT more accessible to users

Apple and OpenAI recently reportedly entered into a partnership ahead of WWDC. This partnership would bring ChatGPT to iOS 18 as an in-system chatbot option.

Before this partnership, OpenAI announced the arrival of its own ChatGPT application on Mac. The app is designed to make ChatGPT more easily accessible and perpetually available to users. A very brief overview of the app was shown during the presentation, but more details were shared in a press release.

For free and paid users, we’re also launching a new ChatGPT desktop app for macOS designed to integrate seamlessly with everything you do on your computer. With a simple keyboard shortcut (Option + Space), you can instantly ask ChatGPT a question. You can also take screenshots and discuss them directly in the app.

You can now have voice conversations with ChatGPT directly from your computer, starting with the voice mode that was available in ChatGPT at launch, with new audio and video capabilities in GPT-4o coming soon. Whether you want to brainstorm a new idea for your business, prepare for an interview, or have a topic you’d like to discuss, tap the headset icon in the bottom right corner of the desktop app to start a voice chat.

ChatGPT for Mac is rolling out to Plus users today and will be available to all free GPT users in the coming weeks. A Windows app is also planned for later this year.

Take from 9to5Mac

It’s always great to debut a new first-party Mac app. I always prefer a native app experience to using a web app, and it will be no different with ChatGPT.

Previously, Mac users were limited to using ChatGPT through the web client or a third-party application. For almost a year, OpenAI has offered an iPhone app for ChatGPT, but it was unclear whether the AI-based service would ever receive a dedicated app for Mac. It’s great to see this change today before hopefully more OpenAI-related Apple news in the coming weeks.

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