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Charline Vanhoenacker criticized after tagging Eric Zemmour poster

Many indignant reactions followed a video by Charline Vanhoenacker in which we see the comedian of France Inter drawing a mustache comparable to that of Hitler on a poster representing Eric Zemmour.

On September 16, Belgian comedian Charline Vanhoenacker posted a video on social media in which we see her drawing a mustache comparable to Hitler’s on a poster calling for Eric Zemmour’s candidacy for the 2022 presidential election. This act triggered numerous reactions from journalists as well as political leaders and personalities to the right of the political spectrum.

The co-host of the show Par Jupiter! on France Inter accompanied its publication with this message: “By Jupiter! launch a national movement of LOL activism: you too, post your Zob! ”. We can indeed see her write “ob” next to the “Z” on the poster of the journalist who has not, for the time being, announced a candidacy for the next presidential election despite a persistent media rumor. Charline Vanhoenacker then draws a mustache aiming to caricature Eric Zemmour as Adolf Hitler.

“When the activist calling herself a comedian Charline [Vanhoenacker] publicly lapses into anti-Semitism! One more shame for France Inter! ”, Indignant the member of the European Parliament and member of the Republicans (LR) Nadine Morano. “Until when will our taxes be used to pay these lousy characters?” Sibyle Veil, that’s enough, take action! ”She then wrote to challenge the President and CEO of Radio France.

Senator LR Nathalie Boyer expressed herself in these terms: “Nazify a Jew, incite hatred, all with the financial support of the French taxpayer … By Jupiter, what beautiful souls!” “A reaction from the CSA? From France Inter? Anti-racist associations? No nothing ? When Tex was fired for a fat joke, ”she was also indignant, accompanying her message from the hashtag “Two weights, two measures”.

“Watch this vomiting video by Charline Vanhoenacker: anti-Semitism, especially when it hides behind a certain mustache, is infamous! If there were impartial justice and anti-racist associations, Charline and France Inter should be held accountable! ”, Meanwhile estimated the MEP of the National Gathering Gilbert Collard.

“Cool, chic Nazification, authorized because paid for by your taxes on the audiovisual public service”, commented the president of the Patriots Florian Philippot.

The lawyer and columnist Gilles-William was also indignant in these terms: “Putting mustaches à la Adolf to anyone, it’s pretty stupid, but to a Jew, it’s disgusting. I wanted to say, it’s France Inter ”.

“The level of comedians at France Inter is dizzying. It almost reaches that of the 3rd, even the 4th of a middle-class city college, ”mocked the deputy director of the Figaro Magazine Jean-Christophe Buisson.

“Being a columnist on France Inter is a piece of cake,” said journalist and novelist Joseph Macé-Scaron.

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